Fence And Post Background

The Partners

The partners in this exciting venture, Chris Hartman and Melanie Martzoukos are very excited to bring to Cochrane a unique dining experience that will impress you with its quality and approachability.

Food and Wine Philosophy

We aim to shine a spotlight on what is produced locally and allow the food products to speak for themselves. With a true respect for the products we purchase and food we create, we seek to serve them in a simple yet sophisticated manner with the focus on appreciating the amazing bounty of our province and country. This honouring extends not solely to those people involved, but to the greater environment and life of the planet as a whole. We aim to create flavours and dishes that are familiar to Canadians, but are elevated and refined.

The main objective for our wine and beverage list is to offer an inspired selection of beverages that, first and foremost, compliment the food menu. Our carefully curated beer and wine menu will have offerings that are approachable and adhering to the same philosophy as the kitchen. That is, from small producers, quality focused, constantly evolving and above all, delicious. We will guide guests through our world of wine and beer in an informed and easy manner.

About The Chef

Chris Hartman knew from the age of 6 that he wanted to be a Chef. He got an early start in kitchens at the age of 14. After high school and a number of years in the industry, he went to school at the Cordon Bleu in Ottawa for both cooking and baking. From there he was given an opportunity to work in France which he jumped on, and for the next 5 years he worked in hotels and Michelin starred restaurants. With a lust for adventure he flew to New Zealand and spent a year there; and another year and a half in Australia working at casinos, restaurants and pastry shops. Returning to Calgary, he took up the position of Sous Chef at the Bears Den, and a short time later was promoted to Executive Chef. It was here where Chris started to work with local products and producers. This passion brought him to Farm restaurant, where he continued this work.

Chris's parents were instrumental in showing him good food, always bringing new flavours and culture into the household. His family has a strong connection to food going back generations. His great grandfather founded Olds College, his grandfather worked for Agriculture Canada, and both of his uncles are still involved in the industry. As a child, Chris could always be found in the garden pulling up carrots or picking fresh peas. His love and respect for the industry has shaped his career to what it is today. His new venture, Fence & Post, will be a showcase for what Alberta has to offer, his travels and what he has learned in 20 years of cooking.

About Melanie

Melanie is a Prairie girl with a passion for travel. After university, she worked at a Chateau in Beaujolais, France for a prominent holiday company, and it was there that she was exposed to the beauty of food and wine. Upon her return to Calgary, she got a job in the wine industry and through various careers and another degree she has remained well connected to that industry.

Her and her family spent a year in Europe travelling and it is this experience which has shaped her current passion for food and wine. It is the realization that the most profound dining experiences start with local, "freshest as possible" ingredients and hand crafted wines, without pretence, that has compelled her to partner with a gifted chef to bring the joys of this experience to Cochrane. She looks forward to welcoming you to share the experience her and Chris are creating!